Sunday, February 26, 2017

Phone Net is a full-service, state-of-the-art, integrated call center that serves the cable industry. Our specialty involves outbound and inbound calling, chat, sales and customer care interaction.

Phone Net recognizes that to your customers and future customers, your value is represented not only by attractive brochures or trendy television advertisements but through your telephone sales engine: How we sound, how we care, what we know, and how we can relate. This expertise is what differentiates Phone Net from our competitors.

Founded in 1998 by current President and CEO Bill Nassir, Phone Net provides best-in-class and superbly trained telephone sales agents to represent your business in customer acquisition and retention, bundled product offers, cross sales and customer service. Our multilingual sales team and expert management are based in San Diego, California.

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"Phone Net is a valuable asset to the outbound telemarketing team working on behalf of Charter. They have been professional and responsive to our needs.”

Adrian Duncombe
Senior Director, Marketing
Charter Communications

"PhoneNet is a very reliable and productive team that delivers extraordinary results. I feel confident knowing they will deliver quality results while representing Cox in a very professional manner to our customers.”

Kimberly Webber
Acquisition Specialist
Cox- New England


      Phone Net is a call center providing inbound, outbound sales, survey, 
      cross selling and up selling for a wide selection of industries.


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