Tuesday, January 22, 2019
Our Clients

 MSO’s around the country are our NUMBER ONE SUPPORTERS! They recognize that Phone Net is the leading outbound and inbound telephone marketing agency to secure new customers and sell more to existing customers in the digital phone, high speed data and premier channel sales markets. Don’t take it from us, ask our clients for yourself. Their first-hand and objective accounts of our successes will demonstrate to you how we can RING UP SALES for your business.


    We provide the following services:

  • Multilingual Campaigns
  • Outbound
  • Inbound - Dedicated & Shared Staff
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Upselling and Cross Selling
  • Surveys
  • Customer Retention
  • Bundled Product Offers
  • Direct Mail Follow Up
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead List Profiling
  • DNC Compliance
  • Chat Support
  • PCI Compliance
  • Bad Debt Collections
  • Customer Care
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Emergency Voice Mail Blasts
  • Data Collection and Surveys


For more information please contact Lori Hood, VP Client Relations
at 1-800-675-0777.

      Phone Net is a call center providing inbound, outbound sales, survey, 
      cross selling and up selling for a wide selection of industries.


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