The sale begins with a “yes” from the customer, but your competition knows that, too. So competitors will contact your customers right-away with cross sell programs and bundled offers to “win-back” customers to their playing field.

Make no mistake about it. Customers want special features and pizzazz, and the more cross-selling you do for your customer will increase their desire to stay with you. Cross selling and bundled packages are the least resistable to your customers! And, they build enduring customers and brand loyalty.

We have a plan to not only sell customers and future customers on your business but keep them by selling exciting features and programs that add value to their experience. The multiple cross sells will ensure your customers won’t leave. Here is a taste:

  • We take database mining to a whole new level

Cross-selling and bundling is about knowing your audience before the telephone call takes place. Through history and demographics, we can target the right offer to the right audience. Your customers and future customers will think we custom designed a package just for them!

  • We know it’s almost never about the first touch

Blend a splattering of email and direct mail with a sensitive and focused telephone follow-up, and your customers and future customers will feel the memorable touch from your organization. Why try only once when your customer and future customer needs and wants multiple tries? We get a strong ROI by knowing the audience, and reaching them in several persuasive and caring ways.

  • Our training of how to cross sell and bundle your products is exceptional

Our sale per hour (SPH), cost per sale(CPS), and sale by product (SBP) consistently out performs our competition. That means you will consistently out perform your competition. We do it through training. Our telephone agents know how to sell, and they promote the right offers at the right time.

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