Phone Net provides the full package for your business. New customer acquisitions, customer activations, inbound customer care, cross sell and bundled offers, compliance with all national DNC laws, direct mail follow up, lead generation, lead list profiling and multilingual campaigns. And we have a five point plan that brings everything together:

  1. Experience on the telephone and behind the scenes
    Phone Net has proven leadership and results for Fortune 500 companies’ world wide. Our low cost solutions consistently increase sales and profitability for our client organizations. Nobody does it better when it comes to understanding the cable market, hiring and training staff, and implementing full-scale telephone sales programs. Our reputation as the best and caring staff ensures our client organizations feel they made the right decision in choosing Phone Net.
  2. Stretching above the goal
    We keep reaching beyond minimum performance level. To our telephone agents, stretching beyond expectation is a job requirement. By consistently out-performing your expectations, you consistently rely on us to do great work over and over again.
  3. Training, training, training
    Make no mistake about our key value proposition: Our telephone sales agents will become your agents because we train them to emulate every aspect of your organization. Client organizations are consistently enamored by our abilities to sell your products, solutions and services even better then your own in-house staff. It is this complete focus to training that ensures you and your customers receive a great customer experience.
  4. We get telephone sales
    There are many telephone organizations in the world but few get outbound and inbound telephone sales. Major initiatives such as asking questions, building rapport, trial closing, handling objections and completing good, quality sales is simply second nature for us. We do it all. We live sales. And that is why nobody does it better than Phone Net.
  5. Measurements, tracking and account management provides you information
    Information rules! And, we give you plenty of information so you know how much we are selling, why customers care for our telephone sales agents, and when we will next exceed your sales objectives. Expect hands-on telephone conference meetings, consistent quality monitor meetings, and every customer designed report you could ever want. We believe you should know and understand every task that happens on the telephone.
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