Having over 39 years of sales, marketing, and customer service expertise, Phone Ware can help you manage your reputation in social and leverage your reach to your customers. With the help of one of the industries leading social media monitoring platforms, Phone Ware can help you with your reputation management by providing social media monitoring, engagement and reporting into your customers and social conversations.


Using our social monitoring tool, our dedicated listening experts will monitor your brand and product mentions. We listen first to understand what conversations are taking place, determine the sentiment, and set up a triage of how to best respond to your customers. We focus on monitoring the right search terms to get the most useful data, and solve issues in real time on the channel of the customer’s choice.


Engagement and response is the next step and most important. Knowing when and how to respond is crucial in ensuring trust and loyalty with your customers. We work with our clients marketing team to build out custom strategies and craft appropriate responses that match our client’s goals. Our response team has quality metrics in place to make certain we are addressing your customers needs and that the message is resonating well.


Social media provides an outpour of data and analytics. Our monitoring tool allows us to track specific mentions and tag and route them to the right person for action. We will send a weekly analytics report outlining all of your online activity so you can be highly aware of exactly what is occurring with your social presence. Reaching out and then engaging with your customers in their preferred method of communication is crucial. It allows the opportunity to not only learn more about customer preferences and opinions, but also significantly improve relationships. Being proactive in social media management allows you to gain higher loyalty, satisfaction, and retention. Call us now to find out more about our social media management solutions.

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