Phone Net staff maintains a combination of skills that include product knowledge, selling ability and “Customer-Centric” customer service.

Your brand is important to you, and your backbone is not always technology, or building space, or image. It is often the people you hire to represent your company. We know because we are that backbone for leading MSO’s in the cable arena. To your existing and future customers, your value is represented not only by high-priced brochures or trendy television advertisements but through your telephone sales engine: How we sound, how we care, what we know, and how we can relate.

Yesterday’s linear cable industry has become today’s integrated package of solutions. Your telephone sales campaigns require knowledge-driven telephone experts who over and over again provide the light and caring touch.

So, how do we help your organization acquire more customers? How has Phone Net created the magic solution that encourages customers and future customers to act?

  1. We are exceptional on the telephone. We smile, we provide conversation, and we encourage the customer to learn. We blend the touch of selling sprinkled with comfort. Your customers and future customers buy more from us. We have the results to prove it. And, they don’t only buy more: They do it convincingly, and happily, and they stay around, too.
  2. Experience: We rarely say “I don’t know”. It is more than product knowledge, features and benefits. We know the cable industry. Years ago the cable industry was simple. Today, it’s frenetic. Our telephone agents are honest experts. We want the customer to want your brand, your products and ideas. Every telephone touch becomes a visit, and your customers and potential customers must feel the visit is well worth their investment.
  3. Training: We have grown with the changes; in fact some feel we helped shape the change. Talking, and selling, to thousands of customers and new customers every day adds up. Each week, our trainers and senior management team write scripts, rework training and assess and implement strategies to keep Phone Net, and our clients, ahead of the curve. We have the ROI to prove it. So, really, we do more than telephone. We actually partner with you to make sure your company sees what is coming and handles the curve.
  4. Monitoring: Phone Net constantly monitors all reps to enhance the training and keep the selling skills sharp. This is often the most overlooked and underused tool in call center activity. This can make or break any campaign. Consistent monitoring can make an average rep good and a good rep great.
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